2 Best Home Gyms from BOWFLEX

2 Best Home Gyms from BOWFLEX

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2 Best Home Gyms from BOWFLEX

2 Best Home Gyms from BOWFLEX

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym


Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

 Product Features –

SpiraFlex® Technology

Plate technology designed for NASA works independent of gravity to provide resistance without inertia. Over 100 exercises with unlimited variations.

The Freedom Arms®

Independently moving arms with 10 positions and 170 degree adjustments

Leg Press Station

Work with up to 600 lbs of resistance, (with upgrade) and a range and power unheard of in a home gym.

Preacher Curl Attachment

Rest your elbows on the platform and grasp the inner handles of the ab/leg attachment with an underhand grip.

Vertical Bench Press

Complete a wide range of exercises and variations.

Leg Extension

Use of exercises to develop strong, muscular legs.



Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym


Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

Product Features

210 lbs of Power Rod® Resistance Standard

Bowflex® Power Rod® units give you resistance, or weight, that feels as good as or better than free weights but without the inertia or risk of joint pain usually associated with free weights. The Bowflex Xtreme® 2SE comes standard with 210 lbs / 95 kg and is upgradeable up to 310 lbs / 140 kg or 410 lbs / 186 kg!

Revolutionary No-Change Cable Pulley System

Lets you move from squats to lats to leg workouts without ever changing cables. You’ll save time and keep your heart rate up as you progress through your workout.

Lat Tower with Angled Lat Bar

Build back and shoulder muscles quickly with this integrated tower.

4-Position Lower Pulley/Squat Station

Use this station to do squats and build your glutes, hamstrings and quads.

Leg Extension

Use for exercises to develop strong, muscular legs

70 + Exercises
Included Attachments

Squat Bar
Ab Crunch Shoulder Harness

7 Free Trainer-Built Workouts

Included in the manual: 20 minute better body, 20 minute upper body, 20 minute lower body, bodybuilding, circuit training anaerobic, true aerobic, and strength training routines

Optional Attachments

Preacher Curl
Gym Style Ab Crunch



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